Take Your Business online with a website customized for your business.

The business standard website is packaged with amazing features to help you start and manage your website with complete control. No Designing, No Coding. You just fill a form and we do the rest to get your website designed and developed.

Ideal for small businesses and startups

Business Specific Customisation

We customize the design according to your business and its needs. Therefore, it never feels like a plug-and-play template website to your premium visitors. Built on WordPress CMS, it always allows you to do further customisation from the admin dashboard directly.

Serverless Hosting

Serverless hosting powered by Google App Engine allows your website to be super fast and super frugal. The servers increase capacity with demand and decrease capacity on times of lower traffic, therefore ensuring every penny is well spent. You also receive a 300$ freebie from Google Cloud Platform. 

Connect any domain

No matter where you buy your domain from, it can be integrated. Whether you purchase from Godaddy, Google or any other provider, or just create a subdomain from your primary domain, your business website can be connected.

Managed Database

Your database is managed in a dedicated cloud Database architecture, which allows the website to be faster by fetching information, images and videos much faster than normal websites, precisely, 43% faster.

Global Standard Security

Apart from secure database and inbuilt SSL certificate, the website also limits any malicious plugin or external integration that may cause your website to crash. 

No Hidden Costs

No hidden charges and costs at any time. You only pay for the website. Your hosting charges are directly from Google Cloud Platform, and you can check your usage there for the same. We only charge Rs 1500/annum from the second year for database management.

Rs 23,500

Inclusive of all charges. You own the website without any annual charges. Inclusive of 30 day free support and bug-fixing services.

Full List of Features

  • Admin Dashboard
  • 12 Pre Designed Pages
  • Unlimited Images
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Responsive Design
  • Website Browser Cache
  • SSL Certificate Inbuilt
  • Social Media Links Integration
  • SEO Optimisation Options
  • Cookie Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Anti Virus and Anti-Malware
  • Blog Posts
  • Editing the Website Tutorial
  • Image Optimization