Why Build a Website ?

With the world becoming more digital, your website is your first point of identity. A website allows you to showcase your proffessional and business services, details and achievements with complete freedom. It also showcases the information in a better format by breaking it down into multiple pages therefore helping customers find important information quickly. Your website also allows you to share images, videos and other important details of your business.

Why Now ?

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the world that much of our dealings can be done on the internet. Ecommerce store websites and service websites have already experienced this massive surge in their website traffic and this has also increased revenue exponentially (60%). 

This changing consumer behaviour is prominent and is believed to be permanent by upto 48% – 55% towards the future. 

Therefore the question is not whether you can afford to have a website, but rather if you can afford not to have a website. 

As we move forward, a more digital way of doing business will become completely mainstream and having a website is the first step towards getting ready for the new normal.